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J2T Expand Theme - Best Magento Responsive Theme

J2T Expand Theme has been designed to facilitate theme integration with Magento. It uses advanced admin features in order to change any aspects of elements shown on your site, in their color, fonts and way to be shown. A backup of your configuration can be done for further recovery.

Customize Colors and Fonts

Unlimited colors and fonts available

Fonts and colors can be easily modified.
Google fonts can also be used for headings and for more appealing results.

Responsive Design

Your site on Desktop and Mobile devices

This theme has been designed to work on desktop as well as mobile devices.
It uses 4 columns grid engine.


Easy insertion of dynamic blocks

To facilitate dynamic block insertion, widgets are available within CMS pages/blocks.
Easy and fast integration.

Mega Menu

Drop down menu can be customized

With Mega Menu, a new dimension is given to your menu.
CMS blocks can be inserted on sides areas.

Main features


  1. Google Fonts: As well as any type of fonts, it is possible to use Google Fonts for headings and preview them within administration area.
  2. Size and Color: Size and color can be defined.
  3. Aspect: You can change the aspect of your site within minutes.


  1. Responsive design: In order to allow your customer to see your site in best possible way, this theme uses responsive design principles and adapt itself to all type of screens.
  2. 4-Columns Flexible Grid Engine: A 4 columns grid engine is also available. 4 columns is more than enough for E-Commerce solutions but if you need more, you can also add child grids to main grids and therefore have unlimited grid engine at your disposal.

Mega Menu

  1. Flexible: You can decide to specify the type of drop-down menu to be shown (full width or default).
  2. Columns: Max items per line can be defined for your menu, when using full width drop-down menu type.
  3. Side blocks: CMS side blocks as well as top/bottom can be inserted. You can virtually put any type of content within your menu areas.

Category View

  1. Side menus: Side attributes menus are easily accessible and contains nice css features.
  2. Image list: Product list are showing nice shadow effects when hovering the elements as well as add to wish-list and compare-list buttons are shown.

Product Page

  1. Manufacturer: Manufacturer logo can be show by simply configuring appropriate CMS block.
  2. Image Zoom: Images can be seen in bigger version when clicking on main image and/or while hovering them.
  3. Related Products and Up-sells: Pre-defined CMS blocks can be used in order to show related products or up-sells within product page.
  4. CMS: CMS blocks can be shown at few areas of product view page.

Home Page

  1. Main slider: Main slider can show any CMS blocks as well as products within categories.
  2. Full Width slider: Main slider can show at full screen width.
  3. Home Product sliders: It is possible to define through the module configuration the categories to be show on home page as a group or individually.
  4. Manufacturer's logos slider: A widget can be used in order to show manufacturer's logos and each logos are linked to seach page which will show all products having the logo defined as attribute.
  5. Flex grid: Flex Grid engine allow you to place all your blocks in nice ways.
  6. Currency / Language switch: J2T Expand Theme automatically detects if you've configured your site to use multiple currencies and languages and automatically generate drop down selection menus. Currency signs are automatically added on each listed currencies and language flags are loaded according to language linked to selected store. There is no snippets to add or extra actions to be done for this and it works out of the box.


  1. Backups: Backup your theme configuration at any time for easy recovering.
  2. CMS blocks: CMS blocks have been built in order to easily place dynamic sliding elements on any pages of your store. Each CMS block has custom configuration elements (see manual for more details).
  3. Color selection tool: A color selection tool is provided. You simply need to use the wysiwyg in order to set a color to font, background, etc.
  4. Image as background: Image can be defined as background for your main site, header/footer or main container.
  5. Background image position: Background image position can be easily modified form theme configuration as well as repeat type.
  6. Facebook Meta Tags: Facebook Open Graph meta tags are inserted on all pages so your site content is clearly accessible when someone share your site on Facebook.

Your store can benefit from all above available feature if you use our theme. The theme can be easily installed and managed. You can ask us any questions on our contact page and we will be proud to give you answers as fast as we can.